Blog Assignment

Language and Society  (LING6002)

Semester 2, 2009

Graduate Online Blog Assignment (20%)

Expectations and instructions

Task: This assessment task runs over the semester. The earlier you start the better.

Handing in: You must hand in what you consider to be your 5 best postings and your 5 best comments by 5pm on Friday, 23rd October (Week 12). Please put them in your lecturer’s pigeon hole on the 3rd floor of the Baldessin Precinct Building.

Back ups: You are responsible for keeping your own copies of all your postings. If for some reason the blog disappears (unlikely but always possible in the digital world), you need to have a record of what you have done. Please keep a clear record of your postings and comments by saving everything as a word copy and also making a copy of the blog at the time of your posting.

Purpose: Graduate students will be using a class blog in this course as a forum for critique and reflection, and for sharing ideas and information relevant to the course. The purpose of the blog is for you to discuss, reflect, and demonstrate connections and ongoing engagement with the materials of this course: specifically the readings, websites, and lectures. You are also expected to comment on other resources you find which are relevant to the course.

Expectations: You will be expected to individually contribute original posts to the blog, and to comment on other users’ posts. You should contribute at least 5 original posts and make comments on at least 5 posts that have been published by other users. Please note that comments on posts may include both comments on posts and comments on comments.

Your posts and comments should demonstrate critical engagement with the material. What have you learnt in sociolinguistics? How does it relate to other things you have learnt in lingusitics and applied lingusitics? How does it relate to your own research potential etc? How do others’ blog posts enhance your understanding of the course? You can share videos, links and other material, as appropriate. You should demonstrate how your blog contributions (both posts and comments) pick up on course themes and/or make observations about sociolingusitics research methods.

Basis of assessment: The assessment is worth 20%: 10% for your own posts, 10% for comments you make on others’ posts. An assessment rubric will be used for assessment purposes.

You will be assessed in terms of how well you

  • Present new ideas related to the course.
  • Show your intellectual engagement with sociolinguistic issues.
  • Provide extra resource material.
  • Write so that your  postings are enjoyable to read and present a clear argument or point of view.

Becoming a blog user:

1. Graduate students: Initially, you need to go to and to register with WordPress by creating a user name and password. Once you have registered, email me at with the same email address you used to register and I will add you as a user. You should have done this by the end of Week 1. If you have difficulty doing this please contact me as soon as possible.

2. Postings and comments by undergraduate students: Although graduate students will be assessed for the quality of their postings and comments on postings, the lecturer, the tutor and undergraduate students are also encouraged to follow the blog, post and to comment on postings. If you want to join the blog, please initially register with WordPress and then email the tutor or the lecturer with the same email address you used to register to have your name added as a user.


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