Posted by: ellendahat | October 19, 2009

Is Politically Correct Language always a correct langauge ?


The man in the video shows his objection on the use of some Politically Correct language as he consider their meanings can be too broad or do not really correspond to the meaning of the words they represent.  He raises two examples. The first is disabled  and handicapped which he considers too broad to represent his current physical condition and these terms can create ambiguity or confusion as they represent more than one word. The second example is African American which he said to be inaccurate term by proposing that the term is only suitable for black American who has dual citizenship, Africa and America. The same notion is stated by the person in this link What do you think of their points?

The man in the video also points that “clearly, if people are offended over terms that are accurately describing themselves they are clearly in denial of who they are”

Do you agree with him?



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